• Payment is usually asked for after sketch/consultation.
  • You will receive a high resolution png. Most images will be published online unless you ask me not to!
  • Prices are in US dollars.
  • Payment via paypal / google-pay only. No refunds. Minor edits can be made afterwards!
  • ALL WORKS ARE STILL MY OWN! I maintain the right to publish works.
  • The commissions are for personal use ONLY!
  • You can edit/color your commission and repost any way you’d like, just please credit back to the original!

>> 18+ Link will be available soon ♥<

  • Similar rules apply to both commission info sheets
  • Prices are slightly higher!

What I WILL draw:

  • Original characters and fan art are both completely fine! :)
  • All sorts of poses and angles are great if you ask for them! I could use the practice for weirder ones, so they may not be perfect!!
  • Other people’s OCs for presents/etc. as long as they would normally be okay with it!
  • All sorts of creatures! If I haven’t drawn it and it’s extremely weird, forgive me if it isn’t perfect! ♥
  • Weapons/drugs/gore/diseased beings/guts I’m fine with most things :^) I probably won’t post it in my portfolio for obvious reasons.  <3

What I DO NOT draw, so please don’t ask:

  • Explicit content with minors / illegal/violent sexual acts
  • Hateful or insulting images of real people / other people’s characters
  • I will not dramatically lighten or darken trademarked character’s skin to suit your personal desires. I will draw all trademarked characters in the skin tone I see most appropriate to them.

I reserve the right to decline a commission if I’m not comfortable with the content of the request. ♥